Guiding Light

Fujifilm X100 Photoblog coming soon.

If you’re after a camera that truly makes you want to take endless photos, on a daily basis, I strongly advise it.

Im slowly getting used to the camera in between hard labor (not complaining- it’s my source of funding).

And as a result, I will blog my journey in the company of the awesome X100.

There are some really comically-random videos involving Dillinger Escape Plan/ Ben Weinman, but this one is brilliantly dumb.

The cult status has already begun.

Jim Harbaugh

Go Niners!

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Should a Zombie Apocalypse arise, I shall have my pyjamas ready.

How excellent is the Red Dead Redemption- Undead Nightmare OST?

This comes from nowhere, and you can’t help but move your head about, whilst riding through Mexico, taking in all the scenery…

Replace “cruising” with galloping, and “car” with horse, you get the picture.

This. Is. Truly. Wonderful.

Tool- Lateralus (Japanese Version)